Now you can talk with a real estate expert
in your new town, face to face!

Real Estate LIVE! is simply the best way to get information about your new town. Take a live video tour of your new hometown. Learn about housing, schools, neighborhoods and points-of-interest in a face to face video conference. You'll have up to a full hour to confirm your relocation plans and learn about your new community from an expert who lives there.

Most participating Color-Net Members are part of the

Meeting Channel

That means we're connected with hundreds of video sites throughout the U.S. and around the world. And, there's no charge for using Real Estate LIVE when you either buy or sell through a participating Color-Net Member.

You can also use our video network for a business meeting or just to say “Hi” to friends or relatives. Our rates are the best in the industry.

Call us at 973-439-1900 to schedule a meeting.